It has come to our attention that our responses to email are not being received by a large number of our customers! We are not sure exactly why this has happened as some responses are being received and others are just going to a "Draft" and not sending

In order to rectify this and get back to answering emails, we have changed our customer service email to

We are working quickly to update this info on all invoices and our data basses so it is more easily accessible! If you have emailed and not received a response, please send us an email to the new customer service email provided so we can assist <3

PLEASE REVIEW ALL SHIPPING INFO ON OUR WEBSITE PRIOR TO CONTACTING US ABOUT AN ORDER SHIPMENT. This will ensure you have all available information prior to messaging. 

You can contact us anytime by using the contact us form or Email and we will respond as soon as possible (Usually within 2/3 BUSINESS DAYS M-F) :) Response time can be a bit longer during busy times of the year. 

**Standard (Not CUSTOMIZED) Orders currently Ship within 12/14 Business days. ON OCCASION, Shipping times COULD be a little longer, depending on the number of orders received. We are 100% run by mommies so Spring Break or kiddo emergencies can cause a slight delay and we hope fellow mommies will be patient and understanding of other working mommies. We adore our customers and strive to get orders shipped as fast as possible :)

Outfits tend to run True to size. On occasion we hear they run a tad big so we never recommend sizing up :) If you have received an order and need to exchange/return, please see the Returns/Exchanges tab at the top of our website for instructions on how to return/exchange. 

If we have made a mistake or an item is damaged in some way, please contact us ASAP so we can get that corrected. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ORDER/INVOICE NUMBER so we can locate your order quickly :) 

Please be kind when emailing. We are just mommies and sometimes we make mistakes. We are happy to always attempt to correct a mistake to the best of our abilities and kindness and understanding is always appreciated ;)


(Please keep in mind, messaging us on facebook is not a good way to receive Customer service or help with issues. We get WAY more messages than we can possibly answer on FB, so email is the best form of communication if you have issues :)