CYBER MONDAY WEEK DEAL- Fall/Winter Mystery Deal- 3 Outfits PLUS 3 Matching Bows/Headbands + FREE Necklace!!

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Includes 3 Outfits AND 3 Matching Bows or Headband!!! Choose the size you would like in the drop Down Box :)

Fall/Winter Mystery Deal will include Outfits chosen at random that are Long Sleeve and MAY include Holiday outfits for Fall/Winter Months. We cannot guarantee what Holidays may or many not be included or if any holiday outfit will be included at all! Mystery deals are already bundled and will include a cute variety of outfits from our lines :) Possible Holidays included: Halloween, Thanksgiving (Some Fall Outfits may be Short sleeves, as temps are mild in much of the country in Nov., but will be Pants/Capris, NOT Shorts), Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day 

Mystery deals are Final Sale and are not returnable for any reason. PLEASE understand and respect this and be sure to read the ENTIRE description before ordering to be sure a Mystery Deal is for you. We cannot return any part of a Mystery deal because you don't like one of the outfits or because you received an outfit from a previous Holiday during the season. Mystery deals are an AWESOME deal but not for everyone! <3